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Technologies & Strengths

SynapseIndia Technologies & Strengths:

With the help of robust & reliable SynapseIndia technologies & hard-work of our employees, we have attained fame in the industry as a technology partner that clients can reply upon. We are able to deliver innovative IT solutions across diverse industry verticals including banking, finance, real estate, automobiles etc.. owing to SynapseIndia technologies and following strengths :

Successful Adaptation to Changing Industry Trends :

With passage of time, trends & technologies witness different changes. Reliable SynapseIndia technologies help us in keeping pace with all the dynamic requirements of clients based on the emerging new technology trends and this is what precisely adds to our strength. If you compare the technologies of other companies with SynapseIndia Technologies, then you will realize what makes SynapseIndia standout.

Customer-Centric Engagement :

Its our deep-set commitment to all our global customers that defines the manner in which we do business. Robust SynapseIndia Technologies enable us to build our core teams around the customers technology requirements, offering custom solutions that meet their unique business needs.

Full Services Portfolio :

We have a comprehensive list of technology based services that allow our customers leverage integrated solutions to quickly gain value, improve business agility and reduce costs.

Global Network Delivery Model :

Our one-of-a-kind global management model & reliable SynapseIndia technologies & platforms allow our customers to pick the right sourcing strategy meeting their needs.

Creative Working Environment :

We work in an employee-friendly environment that serves as the seed-bed for cultivating innovation and associated strategy thinking & formulation. Moreover, our qualified & experienced employees are able to make the most out of it to devise something productive for clients.

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SynapseIndia Technologies:

SynapseIndia Technologies are the latest IT technologies for web & mobile app development including PHP, .Net, SharePoint, Android etc.

SynapseIndia technologies like PHP, .Net etc.have helped global businesses in having a solid web presence. SynapseIndia technologies are capable enough to deliver world-class solutions without increasing the cost of project. Our hard and smart working professionals devote their acquired knowledge for internal research & development work to ensure seamless delivery of work processes within the company. Our well-knit team includes more than 500 proficient professionals with years long expertise in following SynapseIndia technologies:

  • Project Managers
  • Android developers
  • Web Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Programmers
  • Blackberry Developers
  • Flash programmers
  • Multimedia designers
  • iPhone Developers
  • Windows8 Metro Developers
  • Content writers
  • Online Marketing Professionals

We also have customer relationship personnel business development executives in our strong workforce with comprehensive expertise in various domains & SynapseIndia technologies. Its due to the expertise of these self-motivated professionals that gives us the required mileage. Our team comprises years long expertise in various SynapseIndia technologies like .NET, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Cake PHP, SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Flash, PhoneGap, HTML5, PHP, Adobe Flex, Apple iOS, JavaScript, Blackberry, Android, Windows 8 mobile, SEO, and SMO. We also provide solutions for

  • Gaming development
  • Amazon webstore development
  • Social networking
  • Facebook application development
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Rainworx customization & integration
  • Salesforce development
  • CRM solutions
  • Salesforce CRM solution