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5 Steps in getting a job as PHP Developer

Apr 23, 2015

What all things you should know to be a good php developer? You need to know the basics of some more languages(like Html,Javascript) etc to be a good php developer. As PHP is very much a server side programming language and is mainly used to build web applications you need to know the basics or as much as you can about the following web technologies (technologies & languages used to build web based applications). HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY Database- Mysql Lets begin with PHP, Step 1 PHP Usually every programming language has two approaches to build a program. They are called:- Procedural methodology Object Oriented methodology 1 .Procedural programming Procedural programming is nothing but the normal way of writing a computer program (just like you wrote in your schools). Its a conventional/academic method which is used for teaching purpose only. Advantage of procedural programming is that its simple to understand, everything is pretty straight forward. When it comes to industries & real jobs, they prefer people who knows Object Oriented Programming methodology (OOP). OOP is an industry standard programming method which has its own advantages over procedural method. 2. Object Oriented Method. OOP or Object Oriented Programming has several advantages when it comes to use in industries & web application development companies. Code Re-usability - The code you wrote can be used by another programmer and viceversa Easy Maintenance & Iterations - OOP makes it easy to make alterations to the application and release updated versions. Protection of Data & higher security - OOP method provides better data protection (for the flow of data in between many modules of the program) & higher safety standards for the web application you make. These are some of the many advantages of OOP . You are highly recommended to learn the Object Oriented method, and we can give you tons of reasons for that. Step 2 HTML (Hyper text mark up language) /CSS html 5 You need to know some HTML too to be a good web application developer. As you may already know, HTML is used to develop web pages for the web browsers . All the heaps of code which you've written(in what ever language be it like PHP, ASP, Python or Ruby) will be rendered as HTML in a browser. HTML is the only language which the web browser knows and reads. What ever view you see in a web browser is delivered to you in HTML. Right click on this webpage and select to view source; you can see the complete HTML of a website. CSS or Cascading style sheets are where we apply the styles to all the html elements. Step 3 Javascript and Jquery jquery In fact jquery is a library of javascript. Both of them are client side (or browser side) languages used for client side interaction. Now a days most of the visual effects you see in a web page is implemented using Jquery. If you need to do some calculations with out sending request to a server (that means with out a page reload), you need to use browser side processing language like javascript. For instance, if you want to calculate sum of two values and display it in browser, you can use Javascript to develop the code for the same. Browser side/Client side languages must be used to solve problems that don't really need a server side request. For example, take the case of computing the sum of all products added in a shopping cart. You can do this either using a server side language like PHP or by using a browser side language like Javascript/JQuery. Jquery is a great client side scripting language which offers great career opportunities. Step 4 Databases -Mysql Databases are where we store data. For an example, if we register in a website with username, password and other details, it should be stored some where so that it can be reused later. When we login to the registered website later, PHP verifies the user name, password and succesfully authenticate the user to the website. Mysql is the best and most common database used with PHP. There are other DB's like oracle, mongodb, PostgreSql and many others. Different databases have different purposes and the choice to use a database varies with requirements of the application to be built. PHP works best with MySql as there are many inbuilt functions in PHP to interact with MySql. When you use PHP with other databases, you will have to develop custom user defined functions to interact with those databases. Step 5 Ajax Ajax will help you to send request to server with out a page reload. Most of the modern we based applications are built using ajax functionality so that the number page loads will be minimum. You need to be well versed in ajax too to be a respected & knowledgeable web developer. In fact, learning ajax is the easiest thing compared to all other scripting languages described above. You can use Jquery to send an ajax request and to receive a response. Thats all you need to know with ajax , just sending a request to a file and receiving its response .  

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