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A Look at ClearScript

May 13, 2015

ClearScript lets you add scripting capabilities to a .NET application (as long as it uses the .NET Framework 4 or higher). ClearScript supports VBScript, JavaScript and V8. V8 is an open source JavaScript engine created by Google and integrated with Chrome. V8 has a high-performance JavaScript engine and fits well within multi-threading and asynchronous operation scenarios. The net effect of adding ClearScript to a .NET application is you can pass JavaScript or VBScript expressions to the engine and they’ll be processed and run. Interestingly, you aren’t limited to using plain script objects such as arrays, JSON objects and primitive types. You can integrate external JavaScript libraries and script-managed .NET objects. Once you’ve integrated ClearScript into an application, all that remains is to let the library know about the objects it can script. This means you publish your own objects in the context of ClearScript and let authorized users load and run existing scripts or write new ones.

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