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ADO.NET : Connecting .Net Applications with Multiple Data Sources

Feb 20, 2015

Every organization in the world is more concerned for storing and maintaining the data . Earlier we used to maintain data through hard copies then text files and later relationally in tabular formats . Presently organizations are performing their data base management which includes insertion , updation and deletion and fetching through some of the popular RDBMS(Relational Data Base Management Systems) like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle , MS Access , My SQL . With the release of .Net framework we were able to create GUI applications including windows and web applications but for providing access to relational data sources and non relational data sources , .Net came with ADO.NET technology which stands for ActiveX Data Objecs. Applications without access to data sources are incomplete . Users demand software and websites for maintaining their data from User interface . May we take any example of software and websites developed for hotels , schools, colleges, hospitals , defense ,entertainment etc , all needs data source connectivity. Software and web applications are working on the base methodology of three layers : A. Presentation Or UI Layer B. Business Logic Layer C. Data Access Layer Presentation layer is the interface that can be provided to user for accepting and displaying the data and information. Business Logic layer basically consist of programming logic by some programming languages and generate the output accordingly . Data Access Layer : Based on the request from user , business logic retrieves data from data sources with the help of data providers . While retrieving data from data sources , we need a set of supported libraries which create a connectivity to the data sources like SQL Server , Oracle etc and then performs the data fetching , insertion , updation and deletion . .Net Tool like Visual Studio is one of the popular tools contains some of the rich and scalable data binding controls which can display and allows data manipulation with the help of ADO.NET technology . ADO. Net provides both forms of communication to data sources like : A. Synchronous Communication. Such Communication which works in connected environment with data sources and servers for data management and displaying . Such communication can increase load on servers and hence are to be avoided on frequently manner . B. Asynchronous Communication. Such communication which works in disconnected environment with data servers and copies data only one time and maintain its copy in virtual databases like datasets which allows users to perform data manipulating with dataset not with data source available at servers which decreases load on servers. ADO. Net is powerful technology in the support of .Net Framework which works very good with .Net compatible RDBMS like Microsoft SQL Servers but also provides data providers to access data from some of other RDBMS like Oracle .

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