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Advantages of using AJAX with PHP

Jul 06, 2015

PHP is quite popular in the world of web applications. Server-side language is scripted for web applications using PHP for quick and best results. Nuke, osCommerce, and Joomla are some of the thriving and most popular web applications designed using PHP.

AJAX is also quite popular in the market as it has wide advantages unlike other web applications. AJAX allows websites to connect to the server without the need to refresh the complete page. The asynchronous feature allows client servers to send requests to be executed to the server side. JavaScript is then used to process the result of the server, and the output is merged in an HTML view without refreshing the page. AJAX in short is not a new programming language, its only application of the existing technologies for better use.

The combination of AJAX with PHP proves to be a powerful platform for websites or web applications. Robust features of AJAX and PHP are used to the maximum for creating new web based applications. The use of AJAX with PHP needs deep understanding of HTML and JavaScript code.

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