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Apigility, the World’s Easiest Way to Create High-Quality APIs

Jun 06, 2015

Zend, the PHP Company, announced the launch of a new open-source project named Apigility. An opinionated API builder, the Apigility project has a goal of providing the world’s easiest way to create and maintain high-quality API-based applications.Apigility uses Zend Framework as its engine, enabling developers to easily create APIs with REST and RPC services without worrying about how the framework itself works. The built-in events under the hood of Zend Framework let developers easily expand the functionality of their apps. But developers need not be Zend Framework experts—in fact, they don’t need to know Zend Framework at all. Leveraging the Apigility user interface to build APIs does not require prior knowledge of any PHP framework, including Zend Framework.


SynapseIndia (CEO: Shamit Khemka)