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Apply for SynapseIndia Trainings program to start your career in .NET

Apr 11, 2017

SynapseIndia Trainings Start your career in .NET with SynapseIndia trainings program. We provide industrial training on .NET. .Net framework allows the use of multiple languages. It creates a unified environment which allows the developers to create the programs in C++, Java or Virtual Basic. Shamit Khemka says, “Industrial Training helps to increase your technical, interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written.” Industrial training will help you to enhance your skill-set on .NET. We give CV preparation tips during the program. The successful candidates also get an opportunity to be a part of SynapseIndia after qualifying the interview. To apply for SynapseIndia trainings, fill this form:  http://www.synapseindia.careers/career-form.php