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ASP.NET AJAX : Source of Rich and Interactive Web Applications

Feb 19, 2015

Approx 40% of world population are having internet connection and rest are using the shared resources of internet connectivity . Due to rise in internet users , we are having more demand in web application development. Users like interactive and rich user interface in web sites and get attracted towards it . To provide the rich UI and dynamic UI is a complicated work to be done at client side without requesting and disturbing servers. Servers are loaded and can be used to load the web page on the very frequent manner for changing the UI or providing the dynamic rich interface . By considering all the factors in mind , Microsoft developed AJAX toolkit under it's license which provides the support to one of the popular web technologies ASP.NET for developing the rich and interactive web pages . Ajax toolkit is a collection of rich tools which internally works with java script and Dynamic HTML(DHTML) technologies. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Ajax toolkit provides the functionality of asynchronous communication from server at client side . Internally controls does not allow reloading of web page for generating the dynamic web page . It partially update the web page content by client side scripting and generate the dynamic user interface. It is supported by almost all browsers available . Below are the best examples of AJAX.. A. Auto complete feature for automatically filling the details when writing some of it. B. Dynamic Calendar available on web sites . C. Password strength to be used for checking the strength of password while signing up the page. D. Rating to be taken from users. E. Timer in web pages . There are many controls available with the latest version of Ajax toolkit along with .Net 4.5. By using it you can improve the user experience and the efficiency of your Web applications.

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