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ASP.NET User Controls

Apr 16, 2015

At times, you might need functionality in a control that is not provided by the built-in ASP.NET Web server controls. In those cases, you can create your own user controls. An ASP.NET Web user control is similar to a complete ASP.NET Web page (.aspx file), with both a user interface page and code. You create the user control in much the same way you create an ASP.NET page and then add the markup and child controls that you need. A user control can include code to manipulate its contents like a page can, including performing tasks such as data binding. User controls are substantially easier to create and has good advantage also . You can create a rich and interactive user control by using the available web controls with all functionality . You can also reuse the existing user controls. They make it particularly easy to create controls with complex user interface elements.

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