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ASP.NET handles state of web page very easily between multiple round trips

Mar 23, 2015

As we all know Client requests server for web page by using HTTP which is stateless . Server gets connected with client only for responding it's request and does not get connected every time. Means if we give inputs in the web pages like online registration etc then on submission , it's request goes to server for processing and we loose are page data if it not saved properly . ASP.NET handles such problems very smartly by its client side state management . ASP.NET saves it with great ease and without any more code . There are several controls from which we can take values from user . ASP.NET saves the whole data from controls and passes it to server internally which is displayed to user again if the same page is responded by server due to error in pages or if page is not submitted which avoid user for rewriting the same details again on web page controls. This is a very unique working of ASP.NET which helps developers a lot and to users also.

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