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What to choose ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Web Forms?

Mar 27, 2015

ASP.NET is a Microsoft’s Web application framework built on Common language runtime for building dynamic web sites using one of the programming languages like C#, VB.NET etc. ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC are two web frameworks developed by Microsoft - they are both good choices. Neither of the web frameworks are to be replaced by the other nor are there plans to have them 'merged' into a single framework. Continued support and development are done in parallel by Microsoft and neither will be 'going away'. Each of these web frameworks offers advantages/disadvantages - some of which need to be considered when developing a web application. A web application can be developed using either technology - it might make development for a particular application easier selecting one technology versus the other and vice versa. ASP.NET supports 2 models A. Web Forms B.ASP.NET MVC Advantage of ASP.NET MVC: 1.Enables the full control over the rendered HTML. 2.Provides clean separation of concerns(SoC). 3.Enables Test Driven Development (TDD). 4.Easy integration with JavaScript frameworks. 5.Following the design of stateless nature of the web. 6.Enables SEO. 7.No ViewState and PostBack events Advantages of Web Forms: 1.It provides RAD development 2.Easy development model for developers those coming from winform development. Now choose the model as per the requirements of your web application.  

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