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Managing Data by using Rich Data Controls of ASP.NET

Mar 31, 2015

There is always a big question with developers to choose the web technology which allows users to manage data from web application very easily and effectively . But ASP.NET is very successful technology in terms of managing data from client-Side to maintain records of database located at server with the help of ADO.NET and rich data controls provided by it. Such controls can work with both connected and disconnected environments. Developers are provided very user friendly libraries under ADO.NET by which it can perform filtration and sorting of the data very easily. With the rise in data and databases , day by day we are moving towards complex scenarios. Users are to be provided a very user friendly interface , so that it can perform some basic operations like fetching existing records, inserting new records,updating existing records as well as deleting the existing records. With understanding all the imaginations and requirements ASP.NET come up with standard and rich data controls which provides rich user interface with all functionality for all such operations. Further ADO.NET provides the great connectivity with server by it's libraries and make the work done very easily and effectively in short time. It is the good opportunity for developers to start working with ASP.NET for designing rich and scalable websites.

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