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Asynchronous Programming becomes easy by Microsoft .Net

Mar 13, 2015

Asynchronous programming is always treated very difficult for implementing , but .Net Framework made it easy and interesting . Asynchronous programming is such programming which is essential for activities that are potentially blocking, such as when your application accesses the web. Access to a web resource sometimes is slow or delayed. If such an activity is blocked within a synchronous process, the entire application must wait. In an asynchronous process, the application can continue with other work that doesn't depend on the web resource until the potentially blocking task finishes. When user access the web resources from client , request goes to server and then server responses . But in certain circumstances user does not get response in time and get delayed . Due to delay in response, other activities of web application stops working which results in failure of delivery. To avoid such circumstances and failure , .Net moved to asynchronous programming which gives us the feature of allowing other modules to run on application irrespective of blocked or delayed result from server. When you use asynchronous methods, the application continues to respond to the UI.

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