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Benefits Of Learning HTML For A Non-Programmer

Sep 14, 2015

Non-technical jobs like social media,marketing jobs,PR require basic knowledge of HTML because some of the common task in these types of job are sizing a picture,inserting a link,and drawing a table but one must be thinking that it can be done by famous editor WYSIWYG but you must know one thing that troubleshooting and fine tuning are often done at the HTML source level. You may get stuck while adding a link while doing live blogging then you might have to wait for HTML support if you are not aware about the HTML knowledge.

Here are a few examples of job titles with HTML requirement or as a "plus," taken from various job Listing ads are as follows:

PR Communications Manager: Some technical experience (HTML, building Facebook Fan Pages, customizing Twitter pages) is a big plus.

Advertising Operations Associate: Working knowledge of HTML, flash and other rich media ad formats

Brand Coordinator: Blogging, HTML, and/or basic web design a plus!

E-mail Marketing Specialist: Proven experience hand-coding HTML and CSS emails, creating templates within automation tools, and developing automated nurture campaigns.

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