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Building universal Windows apps for all Windows devices

Apr 21, 2015

Develop once for all Windows devices using a unified Windows run time and VS tools that allow you to both support experiences unique to a device in XAML, HTML, and Direct X, and share the code that supports those experiences across all devices using C++, C#, or JavaScript. When your work is finished you can produce the app packages that you will submit to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store with a single action to get your app out to customers on any Windows device. A number of improvements is included in Visual Studio 2013 to support universal Windows app development. Universal Windows app templates make it even easier to reuse code between Windows Store apps and Windows Phone 8.1 apps. New tool updates that support the different upgrade paths that simplify the process of bringing an existing Windows Store or Windows Phone apps to the universal Windows app development environment. New additions to Windows platform diagnostic tools that analyze CPU, UI, Energy and Memory for XAML & HTML apps for both Windows Store & Phone developers. In terms of the Store experience, customers will benefit from an app identity shared across the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store. Shared identity means that if they purchase your app from the Windows Store, they are capable of installing it on a device from the Windows Phone Store using the same Microsoft account without having to purchase the app again. Optionally, this can also include things like in-app purchases.

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