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The Power of C# Programming Language

Jul 13, 2015

C# was introduced with full support by Microsoft along with the .Net Framework in 2002. It was the answer to java programming language creator James Gosling .The whole credit goes to Microsoft Technical fellow Anders Hejlsberg who is the architect of the C# Language. The basic methodology of C# is simple,modern,object oriented and type-safety. C# has its roots in the C family of languages and will be immediately familiar to C, C++, and Java programmers. C# is standardized by ECMA international and by ISO standard. Microsoft's C# compiler for the .Net Framework is a conforming implementation of both of these standards.

C# is an object-oriented language, but C# further includes support for component-oriented programming.C# is developed on the base of common language infrastructure. There are several features of C# which make it popular for developing robust and durable applications

  • Garbage Collection : It is the process of automatically reclaims memory occupied by unused objects.
  • Exception Handling: It provides a structured and extensible approach to error detection and recovery.
  • Type-safe : It makes it possible to read from uninitialized variables , to index arrays beyond their bounds,or to perform unchecked type casts.
  • Dynamic support: C# supports for the dynamic functionality by using dynamic keyword.
  • Object oriented : It supports for all OOPS concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and abstraction.

Microsoft gives priority to C# for developing various applications under .Net Framework .C# is not for basically developing console applications only but also for making modern applications. Below are the lists of applications where we can use C# for implementing business logic:

  • Console Applications : CUI based applications required for certain drivers and command based applications.
  • Windows Applications: These are basically used for creating desktop applications and windows based software.
  • WPF Applications : It is the advance form of windows applications which provides modern libraries for developing rich and scalable stand alone applications.
  • Web Application : By using ASP.NET , we can create dynamic websites with rich UI by providing support for other web technologies like CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap and AngularJS.
  • Mobile Applications : By using C# , we can very easily develop windows phone apps and windows 8 apps.
  • Web services : Web services are the most usable applications to be used by any cross platform applications . .NET provides the WCF by which we can very easily crate such applications.
  • Cloud Applications : .Net is very popular now a days for providing the support for cloud applications by using Windows Azure .

Learning C# is very easy for freshers who have basic knowledge of C/C++ , and also there is very good future in C# due to the support and update from Microsoft.

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