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Creating a Web Custom Control By ASP.NET

Mar 26, 2015

ASP.NET already provides a good collection of rich controls which are rendering more than one HTML control at run time which are working very smartly at client side and helping developer for developing dynamic web application with interacting User Interface. If none of the existing ASP.NET server controls meet the requirements of your application, you can create a custom control by deriving from one of the base control classes. These classes provide all the basic functionality of server controls, so you can focus on programming the features you need. Web custom controls are compiled components that run on the server and that encapsulate user-interface and other related functionality into reusable packages. They can include all the design-time features of standard ASP.NET server controls, including full support for Visual Studio design features such as the Properties window, the visual designer, and the Toolbox. Further this one of the great advantages to the developer to create your own control to meet their requirements and expectations . Create your own controls and share with other developers worldwide .

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