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Create Flexible UIs With Flow Documents in WPF

Jun 05, 2015

Flow documents are ideal for displaying read-only data in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). They offer enormous flexibility in arranging text layout and pagination. In addition, flow document controls provide you with annotations, printing support and clipboard functionality almost for free. Doing this with traditional WPF controls (TextBlock, ItemsControl and derivatives) is much more difficult. Flow document is also designed to "reflow content" depending on window size, device resolution, and other environment variables. In addition, flow documents have a number of built in features including search, viewing modes that optimize readability, and the ability to change the size and appearance of fonts. Flow Documents are best utilized when ease of reading is the primary document consumption scenario. In contrast, Fixed Documents are designed to have a static presentation. Fixed Documents are useful when fidelity of the source content is essential.

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