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Create Web Services by using .Net Framework

Jul 20, 2015

There is always a misconception of web services with a c# program. Web services are simply a business logic which is not specific to any single application but can be reused by any type of applications available . Any type of applications means it can be of any platform like it can be a java application , android application,iOS application and .Net application . This is a very good concept of reusing the single business logic.

A "web service is the communication platform between two different or same platform applications that allows to use their web method."Web services enable applications to communicate in a loosely coupled environment by using predefined message exchanges built around standard protocols such as HTTP, XML, XSD, SOAP, and WSDL. Because the protocols and specifications are public and not platform-specific, Web services can be used to enable applications to communicate whether they reside on the same computer or not, even if they reside on different computing platforms or devices.

You can also make web services with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) which is Microsoft’s unified programming model for building service-oriented applications. It enables developers to build secure, reliable, transacted solutions that integrate across platforms and inter-operate with existing investments.

You do not have to understand each specification in detail to build or consume Web services. The .NET Framework classes and Visual Studio wizards help you build or interact with Web services by using a familiar object-oriented  programming model.

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