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Now Creating Zip files become very easy in .NET 4.5

Feb 17, 2015

Now a days , we are more often coming across archive files while sharing and uploading to internet as well as while distributing to multiple people . To provide this feature to users .Net developers earlier were moving around other external tools .By considering all such issues, .Net framework 's latest version 4.5 come up with inbuilt libraries for zipping and unzipping the files. The whole new changes are about to create and maintain the archive file , which was a core problem for .Net developers. Earlier .Net was not providing any in built .Net libraries for it and ultimately developers were using third party tools and libraries which was causing either license problem , compatibility issues and lengthy way of performing the action. Now in very simple manner developers can perform zip and unzip actions because .Net framework added new libraries for converting any file into zip file and undo the action. In the earlier .Net Frameworks developers were using external libraries like SharpZipLib, DotNetZip, Xceed Zip which was not providing more features required like protections etc and was also a lengthy task. Now We can create archives, update archives, and extract archives. This is a huge leap forward from what developers had before.

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