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Start developing iPhone application by .NET Framework

Aug 17, 2015

Novell technology lets developers use .Net and C# instead of C or Objective-C to build applications for Apple's handheld. Novell is offering a kit for developers to build Apple iPhone and iPod Touch business applications using Microsoft's .Net Framework instead of the Apple-designated C or Objective-C languages.

Leveraging Novell's Mono runtime for running Windows applications on non-Windows systems, Novell's MonoTouch 1.0 is a commercial software development kit that lets developers utilize code and libraries written for .Net and programming languages like C#.

What's important here is that C# and .Net are considerably more productive development environments than the native iPhone language, which is Objective-C.

MonoTouch features a software development kit and a suite of compilers, libraries, and tools to integrate with the Apple iPhone SDK. Developers can take advantage of native iPhone APIs. A cross-compiler is included to turn .Net executable files and libraries into native applications for distribution on the Apple App Store or for deployment by enterprise iPhone users. Ahead-of-time compilation is used instead of a Just In Time compiler, enabling distribution in the Apps Store.

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