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Developing Windows 8 Apps using C# and XAML

Mar 18, 2015

Microsoft operating system is the most usable windows all over the world. With the release of Microsoft windows 8 , it implemented the concepts of apps in desktop computers by launching windows store by which users were able to use apps on desktop computers which was the replacement for apps on mobiles. With such release , Microsoft also provided the platform to the developers to create apps for the worldwide windows users. Developers with the knowledge of C# can easily make apps by using Visual Studio tool and .Net Framework libraries. .Net Framework provides XAML ( Extensible Application Markup Language ) for creating a highly rich and interactive User interface for apps and C# for implementing business logic . With the great combination of XAML and C# , developers have a good grasp over the app designing and implementing some of the great objectives like transitions,animations and 3D effects.

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