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Benefits Of Developing Web Services Using PHP

Sep 05, 2015

Let us understand firstly what is web service?.It is a software system which allow us to interact over a network.It is defined with a web services description language(WSDL) and other systems interact with the web service using two protocols named as SOAP and HTTP.We can also say that web services allow us to expose the functionality of our existing code over the network,once it get exposed over the network other application can use the functionality of our program.

Web Services can be developed in any technologies like c++, Java, .NET, PHP, Perl etc. and any application or Web Services can access these services. So, the Web Services are loosely coupled application and can be used by applications developed in any technologies.

Benefits of Web Services are as follows:

(1)It allows different applications to share data among different applications i.e application built on Android can interact with an application built on PHP to share data.

(2)You can use very low cost internet to implement your web services because it uses SOAP over HTTP protocol for the communication,so we can say that sharing data by creating web services is the best option as compared to sharing data by using EDI(Electronic Data Interchange).

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