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Don’t Define Frameworks As Tools

Sep 02, 2015

Number of software engineers define PHP Framework as a tool used for web development which is 100% wrong statement. Today SynapseIndia will tell you the exact meaning of framework.Let us understand it through an examples suppose anyone ask what is Fan,Fan is a machine which is the combination of n number of tools to work but if someone ask you what is knife then you must say that knife is a tool it is not a machine.Tools are not interesting because they are not complex.But machines are fascinating because they are complex.In the same way frameworks are machine not a tool thats why these are fascinating.

PHP frameworks are very much required for rapid development of your websites and for one who is looking for job must gain in depth knowledge about any PHP framework because If you look at PHP Job listings, you will often see “MVC Framework Experience” as one of their requirements. It is becoming one of those must-have skill sets for web developers.

One of the biggest advantage of using framework is that it will allow you to write less code, which means less time spent typing. You will not have to chase down 3rd party libraries all the time for every new project because most of them will come with the default framework install.Also, since you are being more organized, it will be much faster to chase down bugs, maintain code, and make changes to existing code.

List of top PHP frameworks are as follows :

(1)Aura (2)Drupal (3)FuelPHP (4)CakePHP (5)Zend

SynapseIndia (CEO: Shamit Khemka)