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Why would you consider Drupal for mobile app development?

Apr 29, 2015

Drupal enables a company to create powerful enterprise class websites and corporate portals or just small blogs. Since mobile applications need to meet the demands for content, it is important to identify the best way to deliver content on the mobile device. At times it can be a tough decision. Built with Drupal, building mobile apps has become easier and less confusing.  DrupalGap is an open source mobile application development kit that is used for Drupal sites and it uses Drupal, PhoneGap, jDrupal, jQuery mobile.With this application development kit, a Drupal developer can easily create and customize multi-platform Drupal mobile app that communicate with their websites. Such applications are easily being installed on Android and iOS mobile devices and once they are installed the mobile application can easily interface with a DrupalGap enabled site.Creating a native mobile application offers two beautiful benefits - access to native functionality and distribution through mobile appstores  

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