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The Need for “Dublin”

May 28, 2015

Microsoft has been working on a new set of extensions to Windows Server—code-named "Dublin"—that provides valuable hosting and management features for your WCF and WF applications. "Dublin" is essentially a set of service management extensions built on top of IIS/WAS that will ship as part of Windows Server. When using the "Dublin" extensions, you'll still be hosting your service and workflows in IIS/WAS, but your applications will enjoy additional WCF and WF-specific management capabilities and tools that don't currently exist in IIS/WAS. The various "Dublin" extensions will ship in a future version of Windows Server as part of the Windows Server Application Server role. Hence, the set of features is often referred to as the Windows Application Server, although that's not the official name sanctioned by Microsoft. The key capabilities provided by the "Dublin" extensions include management support for reliable and durable services and long-running workflows. "Dublin" makes it possible to deploy an application to individual servers across a farm, and it provides the tools you need for specific service management tasks.

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