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Understand Event Driven Programming in .NET Framework

Jul 04, 2015

Every learner of programming languages come across the word called events and event handling . Both events and event handling are the great methodolgies for performing certain tasks based on certain actions. We all are also surrounded by events and event handling in our daily life activities and scenerios . The very best example is the alaram watch . We set the alaram time for every morning as the condition for firing the event which is handled by us every morning by putting off the alarm and start working for the day . This is very common while working on digital devices like mobile and computer where we perform many actions by either clicking , touching or entering through keyboard. So clicking,Pressing enter throgh keyboard and touching the screen are firing the events on the basis of which action is performed .

Microsoft .Net framework very smartly uses the event driven programming for its windows applications and ASP.NET web application development. Event driven programming is the base for windows applications by which developers develop desktop softwares . Apart of windows applications , .Net also follows the event driven methodology for its ASP.NET web forms which internally works on page level events and application events for rendering the dynamic web pages to the client. .Net supports for various types of events like default events , non-default events and routed events along with the process of bubbling and tunneling. Every .Net control is associated with many events which can be used by developer for performing corresponding actions. Single control can have multiple events associated with it for performing multiple actions based on user's activities.

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