SynapseIndia Contribution to Chandramauli Trust on International Yoga Day 2015

SynapseIndia Contribution to Chandramauli Trust on International Yoga Day

On the occasion of UN International Yoga Day on 21st of June 2015, International Chandramauli Trust organized a Yoga camp at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ghat in Varanasi to make local community more aware about the advantages of doing Yoga. In continuous effort to support to the trust with various corporate social responsibility activities, SynapseIndia sponsored the Yoga Camp.Every Children at the trust performed the yoga at Ganges Bank with Swami Yoganand. Trust founder Lucy Guest also appreciated the efforts of SynapseIndia in making the Yoga camp a successful event that brightened many people’s focus to do Yoga regularly in their locality.

SynapseIndia Held An Event :- Swachh Bharat Abhiyan To Clean Drive 2015
Supporting the Prime minister’s clean India mission, SynapseIndia Held An Event of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan for Cleanliness Drive in 2015. Company employees participated in making the roads clean.

SynapseIndia CSR Activity

Influence of corporate social responsibility events are increasing day by day in every organization. These activities not only benefits the needy people or society but also gives an opportunity to corporate people to understand the society need and contribute to their possible potential.

SynapseIndia founder Shamit Khemka believes firmly in giving back to society and says that these CSR activities certainly helps a lot to society. Not only the Managing Director of SynapseIndia believes so, but the whole company has been continuously doing and engaged in helping & contributing to the society.

From quite sometime now, Shamit Khemka has been associated with International Chandramauli Trust in Varanasi which is giving education, living support and shelter to under-privileged children. This trust is preaching about the Ancient Indian Culture and various methodologies that are now not much in use. In his first visit to trust, Shamit Khemka was highly influenced with their education system and since, then SynapseIndia has been doing regular contribution of various study materials, clothes, medical support, computers for their IT lab and many more. Recently, SynapseIndia provided a new hostel building to the trust to accommodate more such students and provide them knowledge of best of Indian culture.

SynapseIndia also extend their supports to Yogamission Trust which aims to provide balance and peace of Human body. Founder Shamit Khemka is a regular Yoga doer and he preaches about it’s advantages in the organization as well to enhance the mental and physical balance of his employees.

Recently, SynapseIndia did multiple campaigns of Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan. All the employees took time-off from their busy work schedule to plan and organize this event. Even, Shamit Khemka was involved in doing his bit for the cause and motivated all the employees to make the campaign – a certain success.

Various other Social corporate responsibility events are planned in SynapseIndia from time to time to help and support the social causes which needs utter attention.