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Learn PHP Frameworks

Jul 16, 2015

The website development world is not ruled exclusively by PHP, but PHP's extensive use as a Web development language is undeniable. Taking excerpt from a survery, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that it has been observed that PHP's Web-wide use at approximately 55 percent first among Web development languages and platforms. Zend Framework, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and other PHP frameworks conquer Web development with extensive features, powerful tools, and superior ease.

The principal goal of these PHP frameworks is to accelerate the construction of Web applications. But some claim abilities beyond Web development. For example, you can use the Seagull framework to build command-line and GUI applications as well as Web applications. Although all the frameworks support the MVC design pattern, not all lock you into it. SynapseIndia developed cases for various PHP framework design and implementation processes to understand the difference in approach for each of them.

CodeIgniter's documentation, for example, states explicitly that applications may, if need be, employ only that framework's controller components.Zend and Symfony are feature-rich frameworks brimming with packages covering a variety of technologies. IT Mentor Shamit Khemka also adds that Zend's Zend_SOAP and Zend_XMLRPC packages encapsulate just about everything you need to build RPC-style SOAP server and client applications.

Both Zend and Symfony, however, demand significant learning time as compared to the other frameworks reviewed here. In particular, learning Symfony requires learning YAML (Yet Another Markup Language), which Symfony employs extensively for configuration and data description.

SynapseIndia (CEO: Shamit Khemka)