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Simplify Game Development by using XNA Framework under .Net Framework

Mar 04, 2015

XNA Game Studio Express, which is a product that enables students and hobbyist game programmers to create games using C# . The XNA Framework is the set of .NET libraries that developers will code against to build their games. There are two primary goals when developing the XNA Framework:Enable Cross-Platform Game Development and Simplify Game Development. One of the great advantage of game development using XNA Framework is that it can run on both Windows and the Xbox 360 . XNA want to make it easy for you to develop your Windows game, for example, and then easily create an Xbox 360 version of it. Our goal is to provide a set of APIs that are about 95% normalized across the two platforms. There are some cases where we need to differentiate between the two because either the semantics are different enough that we shouldn’t hide it or there is specific functionality that is useful on one platform but not on the other. We imagine, though, that a high percentage of the games you create with the XNA Framework will in fact be 100% compatible across both platforms. Making games is hard. It’s hard for professional game developers and especially difficult for a student or hobbyist who is just getting into game development. It often takes a lot of code, time, and trial and error just to get to the point where you can start to draw something on the screen, or get input and make something move. One of the other primary goals of the XNA Framework is to make this much easier. As we’ve talked about this internally, we often talk about the “first 5 minutes” of the experience with XNA Game Studio Express and the XNA Framework. Our goal is for you to be able to start writing your game within the first 5 minutes of starting a project. You won’t have to worry about creating a window. You won’t have to worry about a message pump or an Idle event. You won’t need to enumerate graphic adapters and display modes. You won’t have to create a Direct3D 9 device and manage it when the window is resized or the game is minimized. The XNA Framework takes care of all those things for you. The first thing you do is write code for your game. Start your rapid game development by using XNA.

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