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HTML5 for the ASP.NET Developer

Mar 05, 2015

HTML standards have been an important part of web development since the beginning of the web. HTML5, the most recent version of HTML, is on the cusp of becoming the industry standard for web development .HTML5 is an umbrella term for the new HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) features that are being standardized. By creating mobile Web applications that take advantage of HTML5, jQuery Mobile and ASP.NET, you can effectively target multiple platforms with a single code base. .NET 4.5 allows HTML5 support in ASP.NET for creating rich UI. New HTML tags include the <nav> tag, which is used for general website navigation; the <video> tag, which is used for displaying video content; and the <audio> tag, which is used for playing audio content. In general, these tags replace the <object> tag that websites used previously. HTML5 also includes new input controls that are designed to handle some of the more common input scenarios, such as issues with dates and times. Finally, numerous attributes have been added to existing controls. Many of the existing input controls have new and enhanced attributes that allow browsers to expose users to new functionality. Along with the new markup specifications, new JavaScript classes let programmers capitalize on the latest features that developers have been asking for. I hope this introduction to making applications work with HTML5 has been helpful. HTML5 already has a lot of support in ASP.NET and Visual Studio, and many more features and capabilities are coming down the pipeline. It is the great advantage for ASP.NET Developers to make the User Interface more rich and interactive for the internet users by using HTML5.

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