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Is WordPress Safe for E-Commerce Website?

Apr 16, 2015

One of the first things that everyone is concerned about when they launch something online is secure or not. The internet comes with convenience and vulnerability. And when the talk is about business, the safety matter is more important than ever.

WordPress is full of Security Plugins

One of the best things about WordPress is its functionality can be tremendously extended by what are called plugins. Plugins can add pretty much every feature that you may need in your site. And that stretches to security, too. There are numerous plugins that strengthen your WordPress security. All you need to do is install and configure, and you’re good to go. The plugins will monitor your site’s activity and prevent most common types of attacks such as brute force. And you’ll receive instant notification whenever there’s suspicious activity going on. Some plugins can even lock out users by their IP address when they try to gain unauthorized access to your website.

Thanks to a number of free and premium plugins, you can ensure the security of your core WordPress installation without being a security expert yourself.

These two reasons are enough to know that you are in good hands as you use WordPress. But security is more to that than what comes default. Most of the time, the security of a site depends on its users and administrators too like user must create a secure password,admin must not remember the user credit card details etc. 

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