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SynapseIndia Trainings help you jumpstart your career in IT

Nov 02, 2016

SynapseIndia trainings program in .Net has been launched with aim to empower B.Tech & MCA freshers prepare themselves for a job-ready career. Here's a great opportunity for aspiring IT professionals who want to embark on a successful career in .Net development.

SynapseIndia, the well known IT company in Noida, has been trusted by global clients for top-notch IT solutions. Launching its own training a program is an initiative taken by the company which aims to personal and professional development of IT freshers in order to make them competitive for a job. To know more about SynapseIndia trainings & internship opportunities, kindly visit our official website.
Read more about SynapseIndia Trainings at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/synapseindia-training 
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