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How freshers and beginners in PHP can land a Great First Job

Jun 18, 2015

To land your first good job as a PHP Web Developer, you only need to be really good at :




(4)one framework (preferably Yii or Zend)

(5)one open source software (Magento or WordPress)

Having a good command over all these languages & platforms is definitely a double edged advantage and you will be an authority in your domain. This kind of authentic knowledge will definitely land you a premium job with a premium payment package. For a beginner/fresher like you, we can assure that PHP is one of the easiest language to master! PHP is basically a server side scripting language used to build web based applications. The language is well defined with thousands of library functions for each of your logical requirements. In fact, the availability of this vast library of built in functions makes PHP much simpler to handle compared to other languages .

SynapseIndia (CEO: Shamit Khemka)