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Magic of HTML Helpers in ASP.NET MVC

Jul 15, 2016

An HTML Helper is just a method that returns a HTML string. The string can represent any type of content that you want. For example, you can use HTML Helpers to render standard HTML tags like HTML <input>, <button> and <img> tags etc.

You can also create your own HTML Helpers to render more complex content such as a menu strip or an HTML table for displaying database data.

Different types of HTML Helpers
1.Inline Html Helpers
2.Built-In Html Helpers
3.Custom Html Helpers

Built-In helpers are used to render the most common types of HTML elements like as HTML text boxes, checkboxes etc. A list of most common standard html helpers is given below:


@Html.TextBox("Textbox1", "val")
Output: <input id="Textbox1" name="Textbox1" type="text" value="val" />


@Html.TextArea("Textarea1", "val", 5, 15, null)
Output: <textarea cols="15" id="Textarea1" name="Textarea1" rows="5">val</textarea>


@Html.Password("Password1", "val")
Output: <input id="Password1" name="Password1" type="password" value="val" />

Hidden Field

@Html.Hidden("Hidden1", "val")
Output: <input id="Hidden1" name="Hidden1" type="hidden" value="val" />


@Html.CheckBox("Checkbox1", false)
Output: <input id="Checkbox1" name="Checkbox1" type="checkbox" value="true" /> <input name="myCheckbox" type="hidden" value="false" />


@Html.RadioButton("Radiobutton1", "val", true)
Output: <input checked="checked" id="Radiobutton1" name="Radiobutton1" type="radio" value="val" />

Drop-down list

@Html.DropDownList (“DropDownList1”, new SelectList(new [] {"Male", "Female"}))
Output: <select id="DropDownList1" name="DropDownList1"> <option>M</option> <option>F</option> </select>


Html.ListBox(“ListBox1”, new MultiSelectList(new [] {"Cricket", "Chess"}))
Output: <select id="ListBox1" multiple="multiple" name="ListBox1"> <option>Cricket</option> <option>Chess</option> </select>