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Make your ASP.NET secure by using Login Controls

Apr 04, 2015

ASP.NET provides robust login (authentication) functionality for ASP.NET Web applications without requiring programming. The default Visual Studio project templates for Web applications and for Web sites include prebuilt pages that let users register a new account, log in, and change their passwords. You can also create your own pages that you can add ASP.NET login controls to in order to add login functionality. To use the login controls, you create a Web pages and then add the login controls to them from the Toolbox. Typically, you restrict access to ASP.NET pages by putting them into a protected folder. You then configure the folder to deny access to anonymous users (users who are not logged in) and to grant access to authenticated (logged-in) users. (The default project template for Web projects includes a folder named Accounts that is already configured to allow access only to logged-in users.) Optionally, you can assign users to roles and then authorize users to access specific Web pages by role.  

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