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Make your web application faster and more responsive by using ASP.NET

Mar 21, 2015

ASP.NET provides a good connectivity between client and server while user sends the request for Asp. Net websites on server . Server hosting Asp .net website respond very quickly with its scalable compiler and engine . Asp. Net follows a very unique page and application based life-cycle which makes the response more quicker and logical without any delay. Asp. Net also provide a default java script code for performing its many tasks like taking details from client to server and vice versa , tracking sessions time out and activeness as well as for client side validations for restricting user for entering wrong details. As we know that we request for web page through HTTP which is stateless means server does not remain connect with client for whole time . But Asp. Net handle all these problems very smartly and manage the values and state of the web page between all request and responses with great ease . Overall Asp. Net is the smart technology for developing web applications now a days with great ease .

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