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Developing MFC Desktop Applications

May 27, 2015

The Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library provides an object-oriented wrapper over much of the Win32 and COM APIs. Although it can be used to create very simple desktop applications, it is most useful when you need to develop more complex user interfaces with multiple controls. You can use MFC 11.0 to create applications with Office-style user interfaces.The MFC Reference covers the classes, global functions, global variables, and macros that make up the Microsoft Foundation Class Library version 11.0. The MFC framework is a powerful approach that lets you build upon the work of expert programmers for Windows. MFC shortens development time, makes code more portable ,provides tremendous support without reducing programming freedom and flexibility and gives easy access to user-interface elements and technologies like Active technology, OLE, and Internet programming. Furthermore, MFC simplifies database programming through Data Access Objects (DAO) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and network programming through Windows Sockets. MFC makes it easy to program features like property sheets ("tab dialogs"), print preview, and floating, customizable tool bars.

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