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Microsoft Visual Studio .Net : The Best IDE for .Net Framework

Feb 18, 2015

Microsoft is always popular for providing the user friendly,rich and interactive interface to the users . With the release of .Net Framework 's first version 1.0 in 2002 , Microsoft also released it's one of the popular IDE called Microsoft Visual Studio 2002 with update version in 2002 itself . Visual Studio is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which provides : A. Code Editor to write the source code and edit accordingly . B. Toolbox with rich tools that can be dragged and drop at design time . C. Preview of design before executing the code in case of GUI applications. D.IntelliSense feature (the code completion component) . E. Code re-factoring feature . F. Debugging feature . G. Compiling support for all supported languages to execute the code with the same IDE as per .Net Framework. H. Supporting .Net Framework Class Libraries. I. Supporting .Net CLR features. Along with the above supports , developers got an opportunity to work on multiple languages at the same time supported by .Net for creating different types of applications . It supports some of the popular languages like Visual C++,Visual C# , Visual Basic ,Visual F# ,Visual J# , HTML , XML , CSS , Javascript , XAML etc . More languages supported by .Net can also be added later . These all languages use the same integrated development environment (IDE), which allows them to share tools and facilitates in the creation of mixed-language solutions. For the first time with release of VS2002 , developers were able to create managed code irrespective of machine code directly from source code as usual C,C++ do . One of the great change was creation of portable codes in the form of MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language) or CIL(Common Intermediate Language) that can be executed on any platform which supports Common Language Infrastructure as defined in .Net Framework. By creating MSIL , one language can communicate with another language very easily at run time and we can very easily create mixed – language applications . With the effect of support to multiple languages and technologies , we can create below applications : A. Console Applications. B. Windows Applications. C. Web Sites and Web Applications with the support of MVC architecture. D. Mobile Applications for windows mobiles. E. Windows Store Applications for Windows 8 and higher version Windows OS. F. Web services to be consumed by multiple platforms . G. Reusable controls and libraries called DLL files. H. Set up and Deployment for windows applications. I. Support to IIS server for hosting the web sites for testing. J. Cloud Applications can also be created . H. Applications for Microsoft Office 2013 and higher version and for SharePoint. Visual studio with it's latest version VS 2015 , we are having more options to create cross platform applications that can communicate eclipse and Xcode tools . Visual Studio is base for .Net Framework.

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