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Advantages of Migrating From PHP4 to PHP5

Apr 16, 2015

In this technical era, updates in technology takes place every day. PHP is the most commonly used server side scripting language for building dynamic web pages and robust web applications. A new version of PHP was released on 20-Jun-2013. PHP5 has become a popular option for the web community. However, PHP4 still remains popular and is still widely used. The PHP community had decided the end of its earlier version 4 in 2008.
PHP5 is enhanced in such a way the language is more 1. Robust 2. Secure 3. Faster 4. Easier to code with
What are the Advantages of Migrating PHP4 to PHP5?
There are plenty of advantages in migrating to the newer version. PHP 5.1 has awesome features that improve the maintainability of applications. These features include the new object model mentioned above which supports features such as
1. Abstract classes 2. Interfaces 3. Encapsulation (private and protected methods and properties)
With these features it is easier to apply software architecture to a PHP application. To be precise, it becomes easier to write properly structured, high-quality code. The code base is
1. Cleaner 2. Easier to read 3. Consequently simpler to maintain
PHP5 is certainly faster than PHP4:
The object handling has been completely rewritten for the transformation. Thus, object-oriented code in specific performs faster in PHP5.
The earlier version, Php 4, did not have error handling mechanism. Php 5 heads over Php 4 in this aspect. The supports was extended to the newer versions also. Exception handling makes it possible to create a try block to execute a piece of code that might contain an error and implement a catch. This leads to cleaner applications, which in turn improves a developer’s productivity and application robustness.

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