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Enhance Mobile & Cloud Development By Zend Studio 12

Aug 21, 2015

Zend Studio makes it easy to create mobile applications on top of your existing PHP applications and server back-end.

The new integration with Apigility let’s you easily create, document, and test RPC or RESTful services using Apigility’s user-friendly editor, without having to write any connectivity code, allowing you to focus on the business logic and not the client-server plumbing.

Thanks to a tight integration with the Apache Cordova framework, Ionic and Angular JS, Zend Studio enables a simple workflow to create iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile applications, that can be published on their respective application stores, for maximum user reach and easy consumption. Zend Studio is integrated with various emulators for different environments allowing you to test your applications on an emulator. Or if you like, you can also run them on a real mobile device directly from Zend Studio. And To top it all, Zend Studio includes a real mobile application with its source code. You can look at the code, refer to it, reuse it, or enhance it to make it yours. Zend Studio lets you deploy your PHP application on any server. It uniquely delivers a tight integration with the certified Zend Stack, which includes Zend Server.

In addition, you can take full advantage of the Cloud with the Amazon AWS Zend stack offering, an instantly available, consistent PHP environment that provides a cloud-based Zend Server.

Zend Studio also works with other leading Cloud platforms, such as Red Hat OpenShift and Microsoft Azure. You can easily deploy your PHP applications on these public or private platforms, by using the built-in cloud deployment integration features.

Zend Studio provides you with the ultimate development environment that will help you develop rock-solid PHP code and deliver great applications faster.

SynapseIndia (CEO: Shamit Khemka)