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Advantages of .NET Framework

Mar 19, 2015

.Net Framework provides the base for developing multiple type of applications . It provides you a single platform for multiple objectives like for developing console application , windows application , web application,mobile application and cloud based application . Other advantage of .Net is working with multiple programming languages for developing any type of applications . Application developed in one language can interact with the application developed in other language supported with .Net , this process is called Language Interoperability. This is very good advantage in .Net that one language can interact with other languages means application developed in C# can interact with J# or F# based applications . Another advantage is support to various operating systems , means .Net is now ready to be used in multiple operating systems . We can develop .net application in one OS and can execute in another OS. This is somewhere making .Net cross-platform . There are many more advantages which will assist you like rich , easy and friendly APIs for developing various applications. Learn it and enjoy the programming .

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