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.Net Framework is the successful platform for multiple solutions in the real world

Feb 13, 2015

From 1940 to 2000 , many languages came in and went out . With the starting journey of languages from assembly language to Basic and then Cobol and many more countless languages came in light. These are real facts that no one language can exist in the world for long time due to change in requirements and demand by the users. With the problems coming in such languages we moved to more languages in 1980s like C and C++. C language became very popular third generation language for defining a common procedure for writing the codes and for giving the predefined libraries which gives the re-usability features . After updating with C we got C++ (C with OOPS) . Both C and C++ languages provided good opportunity to developers for developing the applications that time . But there was a question with all the developers regarding the stability of languages . Developers were not able to create applications rapidly and it was a complicated task for the freshers to make their career due to flexibility issues. As users were admiring for the tremendous changes with the new experience of mobiles and websites all over the world . Microsoft took the initiative in 1990s to make one framework which will support multiple languages . Microsoft developed some of the new programming languages that time like C# , J# etc which are more popular now also . .Net defines only one motto that was one platform , multiple languages and multiple applications. With the launch of first version 1.0 of .Net on 13 Feb 2002 , .Net have successfully completed 13 years on 13 Feb 2015 . .Net provided the common base class library to all the languages with most common feature called language interoperability and common compiler called CLR. It was like a new change in developing the different type of applications ..Net became very popular for very easy developing and also for RAD called Rapid Application Development . .Net solved the lengthy projects with very great ease by providing per-built tools and APIs . Freshers with very basic knowledge are also able to create applications . Presently we are having the latest version of .Net 4.5 which came with some new changes . Presently we can create all such type of applications by which we are surrounded like: A.Console Applications like which are CUI(Character User Interface) based and are quite faster then GUI. B.Windows Application like GUI(Graphics User Based) based application software may be windows media player or any hospital or hotel software . C.Web Applicaion like websites that we daily access in browsers by internet connectivity. D.Mobile Application like we use apps in Windows mobiles or android mobiles. E.Web Services like we often use payment gateway for paying our mobile bills through websites. F.Cloud Computing : this is the new way of maintaining the application or storage at a registered servers . Above were the types of applications that we can create by different different types of technologies supported by .Net like ASP.Net , WPF ,WCF , Windows Azure etc and now also we have open source projects under Dot net Foundation . .Net is also open source now with its open source compiler Roslyn and also having the platform called Xamarine for creating the cross-platform apps. Ultimately it is the success for .Net for maintaining the solution for every challenges came in last 13 years and provided a appropriated solution to developers without loosing the hope and keep on updating the libraries as per the changes requested by developers and did not give any chance to allow developers to switch to any other platform except .NET.

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