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PHP considered to be a powerful language in the coming years

Apr 16, 2015

PHP is an extremely powerful language which can be compared to Java. In recent period, we have seen an overnight popularity of this language in the IT industry. Last decade Google had done some extensive research and analysis on this language which bring this over whelming popularity for the language. Though PHP is one of the oldest languages of the industry but it gained its proper place recently. You may astonished to know that it has the capability to develop different types of applications like desktop applications, hardware programs, web applications and most importantly mobile applications. This is possible because of its object oriented programming approach for the PHP developers. One of the important features of PHP is its huge size libraries. Experts believe that a PHP developer never needs any help from the external resources to complete his complex application because all types of modules, methods and classes are already present inside the library of the PHP. You can develop your web application in PHP PHP can be used for smart phone apps or mobile apps A bright future ahead: A recent survey revealed a surprising output about the popularity of PHP. It says that the popularity of PHP is more than that of all time industry leader "Java"!! Well we can't say it is hundred percent true but still it indicates the popularity and potential of PHP developers in coming future. So we can expect a bright future ahead for the PHP developers.  

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