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Why PHP is a Valid Choice

May 01, 2015

We often hear the comment, "No IT Manager ever got fired for picking Java." Why is this? Java is considered a safe choice because it can solve many problems and it has sufficient market penetration that it currently is not viewed as a risky choice. I compiled the following in an attempt to show that no IT Manager should ever get fired for choosing PHP either. I am not trying to write a justification for why PHP is the best choice for any given IT task. Rather, I believe the evidence listed below shows that it is a perfectly acceptable choice and should be considered on even ground with other possibilities. Given this information, a responsible IT Manager should proceed to select a language or programming platform based on things that actually matter like the task at hand, the budget, the current skills of the target coders, the current environment, etc.On all these parameters PHP fit at it's best.

SynapseIndia (CEO: Shamit Khemka)

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