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Sep 18, 2015

The least complex approach to consider PHP is as C that you can install in HTML reports. The dialect itself is a great deal like C, aside from with untyped variables, a ton of Web-particular libraries manufactured in, and everything snared straightforwardly to your most loved Web server.

The language structure of articulations and capacity definitions ought to be recognizable, aside from that variables are constantly gone before by $, and capacities don't oblige separate models.

Here we will put a few likenesses and contrasts in PHP and C

(1)Operators :Assignment operator,logical operator,airthmetic operator all work in the same way as they used to do in c.

(2)Control Structures :Control structures like if,if else,for,while,do-while,break and continue all have the same implementation as well as syntax as in c.


(1)Dollar signs:In PHP variables are declared by using $ sign but in c these are declared by datatype.

(2)Arrays :In PHP array can store similar as well as disimilar datatype but in c it can hold only similar datatype value.

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