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Learn PHP Nuke For Web Development

Jul 03, 2015

PHP Nuke is an open-source CMS (content management system) , available for free to web hosting providers, programmers and end-users under the GNU GPL (General Public License). Though it includes many great features, PHP Nuke is primarily used to publish news related articles on the Internet.

Key Features

User Interaction - Your site may be filled with eye popping graphics and a plethora of useful products, but there is one element more important than anything - your audience. With PHP Nuke, your visitors can actively participate in surveys, quizzes and blogs, giving your website the presence and appeal of a well organized online community.

Encyclopedia - One of PHP Nuke's most unique features in the built-in encyclopedia. Not all will users come back to read your articles, they’ll also return to find a wealth of information. The encyclopedia is user-friendly and is very similar to the popular Google search engine.

Custom Themes - In order to make your site standout it must a be professionally designed. The PHP Nuke CMS comes with a variety of built-in templates that will give your site a favorable appearance. Its advanced technology allows your visitors to select themes that coordinate with the content their viewing. This application also supports third-party plug-ins that give you the power to create your own templates.

Staff Interaction - PHP Nuke makes it easy for your staff members to stay current with the latest news and deadlines. It gives them the ability to handle their own tasks directly from the homepage. They can also be assigned with credentials that grant access to their own personal area of the site.


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