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PRADO – Latest PHP Framework

Jun 10, 2015

PRADO is an open source, object-oriented, event-driven, component-based PHP web application framework. PRADO's name is an acronym derived from "PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented".

PRADO features include: (1)A clean and extensible, dynamic, XML-conformant, tag-based templating system, similar to ASP.NET's, but designed for PHP's dynamic approach.

(2)clear separation of presentation and content, input handling and business logic, based on the Model-View-Controller approach.

(3)Database Access Objects (DAO), XML-based SQLMap data mapper, parameterized query builder, Active Record.

(4)Ajax-enabled active widgets (such as auto-complete input field, active button, active data grid) which can be updated, shown or paged dynamically, without having to reload and re-build the whole page.

(5)Built-in support for search engine optimized and semantic URLs, which works without needing rewrite support from the web server.


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