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Predict your annual income by C# Linear Regression

Jul 03, 2015

With the help of C# Linear Regression , you can very easely predict your annual income based on your education, work and sex.The goal of a linear regression problem is to predict the value of a numeric variable based on the values of one or more numeric predictor variables. For example, you might want to predict the annual income of a person based on his education level, years of work experience and sex (male = 0, female = 1).

The variable to predict is usually called the dependent variable. The predictor variables are usually called the independent variables. When theres just a single predictor variable, the technique is sometimes called simple linear regression. When there are two or more predictor variables, the technique is generally called multiple, or multivariate, linear regression.

There are very less solutions available for performing the linear regression and if available then it is somewhere very difficult to understand the logic behind it . C# Linear Regression is one of the best and easy approach for performing such task.

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