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Microsoft unveils Project Spartan, the browser after Internet Explorer

Jan 29, 2015

The browser is faster, more lightweight, and even supports extensions One of the popular project of Microsoft called “Spartan” is in news to be declared as default browser for Microsoft Windows 10 . Microsoft is going to replace one of it's popular and long running browser IE with Spartan browser . So many new changes are expected in the browser as per the new features launched in Windows 10 like Cortona Support, a Reading List that can save articles for offline reading and Sync between your phones and PCs, and the ability to annotate and clip pieces of web pages for easy sharing. As IE , spartan will also be released for windows phone , and will provide the same features. "With this new browser, developers have a great opportunities to create websites supporting the browser's new features and can reach up to millions of users in the world".

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